Right product. Right place. On time.

Through unique cross-dock locations, final-mile delivery of fresh, packaged and frozen means your stores receive product on time, every time. Delivery options include:

Food products on shelf

Fresh product delivery

Your needs drive our service levels, anything from one day to six days per week.

Value-added services

Customized delivery solutions help you move product efficiently and effectively. E.A. Sween drivers and warehouse staff eliminate logistics hassles for our partners. We give you distribution capacity you might not otherwise have, affordably.

EA Sween Delivery truck

Cross-dock solutions

Let the E.A. Sween team manage the chaos by consolidating and delivering the right products to the right stores. We pick and pack down to the individual item level and can provide date coding, pricing and repacking services. Our teams can work with multiple vendors, yours or ours, to eliminate fixed warehouse costs and guarantee fill rates at store level.

Distribution illustration: From manufacturing plant to Wholesalers, From other manufactucers warehouses to Cross-Dock facility to gas stations, drug stores and markets
EAS MANUFACTURING PLANT: EAS sandwich production facilities manufacture millions of sandwiches each year.
WHOLESALERS: EAS wholesale partners provide EAS products and other food items to EAS Cross-Dock facilities.
EAS CROSS-DOCK FACILITY: EAS Cross-Dock facilities receive, store, pick, and pack products to be re-distributed by the EAS Value-Added-Services fleet.
OTHER MANUFACTURERS WAREHOUSES: Other manufacturer partners provide fresh, frozen, refrigerated, and shelf-stable food directly to EAS Cross-Dock facilities.
LOW-FREQUENCY DELIVERY: EAS delivers the product to retail partners in lower-volume locations 1x to 2x per week.
MODERATE-FREQUENCY DELIVERY: EAS delivers the product to retail partners in moderate-density suburban and metro areas 2x to 7x per week.
HIGH-FREQUENCY DELIVERY: EAS delivers the product to retail partners in high-density urban areas 3x to 7x per week.

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