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We partnered with Winsight Grocery Business to produce our latest whitepaper: How to Offer Fresh Options Without Maxing Out Labor
"E.A. Sween offers a variety of premade wraps and ...sandwiches that don't require in-store labor or preparation. They are tasty, craveable favorites and can keep grab-and-go sections stocked for customers any time of day."

Read more here:

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How to Offer Fresh Food Options Without Maxing Out Labor

The stresses of the ongoing pandemic, coupled with mounting economic uncertainty, social unrest and more have fueled a pressure cooker for grocery ...

As we conclude #NTDAW2023 we'd like to recognize 10 fantastic #EASweenFMS drivers. These 10 individuals are the most tenured drivers who have remained accident free since 2020. Congratulations: ...
• Charles Hurdorn
• Jesus Chavez
• Ronald Coleman II
• Kenneth Lipinski
• Josh Roundy
• Christopher Jones
• Dennis Roberts
• Gustave Andrews
• Paul Butterly Jr.
• Kelly Pickens

Thank you, from all of us at E.A. Sween Company!


What is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? Made official by the government on September 26, 2019, this month was set aside to recognize the impact of cancer on children across the U.S. The Pinky Swear... Foundation recognizes the impact every single day. But this month in particular, we're encouraging folks to fundraise to help kids with cancer and their families. Through your fundraising support, more and more families will receive financial support for transportation, food and housing during one of the hardest times of their lives.

Read more on the Pinky Swear Foundation blog:

#ChildhoodCancerAwareness #PinkySwearFoundation #HelpingKidswithCancer #Family

Today kicks off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

#EASween employs more than 200 professional drivers, roughly 80 of whom have five or more years of service. Collectively, they drive... more than 4,000,000 miles annually to service more than 2,000 convenience and grocery stores.
Please join us as we celebrate these amazing team members who take on one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs.

#ThankATrucker #NTDAW23 #EASweenFMS

cc: American Trucking Associations

August brought a lot of progress at our #SouthCarolina facility. We continue to be excited as we move closer and closer to celebrating the first #EASween sandwich off the production line.

...#ConstructionTimelapse #ConstructionUpdate #GreenwoodCounty #EASweenSouthCarolina

Food safety is a priority at E.A. Sween and we use a range of measures to ensure our ready-to-eat sandwiches not only meet but exceed the expectations of both customers and consumers.

Read ...more about how we ensure food safety in our most recent blog post: Unveiling E.A. Sween's Food Safety Standards and Quality Management Systems

#foodsafety #blogpost #NFSEM2023

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Ensuring Food Safety: Our Pledge to Quality - EA Sween B2B

Food safety is a priority at E.A. Sween. We use a range of measures to ensure our ready-to-eat sandwiches exceed expectations of consumers.

What a fun event! We love being part of the communities where we operate!

cc: Annandale, MN CAST for Kids

On #NationalWomensDay we'd like to recognize three incredible female leaders who guide #EASween as part of our Corporate Leadership Team.
* Karissa Gehring: Chief Financial and ...Administrative Officer
* Kristi Broadwater: Senior Vice President of Human Resources
* Tasha Sween: Human Resources, Vice President of Organization Effectiveness

It just keeps getting better and better!

cc: Greenwood County SC Government

#ConstructionUpdate #NewFacility #GreenwoodCounty #FoodManufacturing


Our Annandale, Minn locations celebrated a HUGE achievement today: more than 365 days of no loss time (that’s more than a year without an employee ...missing work due to a work-related incident). The current count is at 409 days! They celebrated with a visit from company leadership and a much-deserved outdoor picnic with a food truck and dunk tank.

#workplacesafety #workplacecelebration #employeesafety

How do we achieve a 21 - 30 day shelf life for our products? We're so glad you asked!

We use M.A.P. Packaging, or Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Check out this short video to learn more... about the process and how the extended shelf life can reduce shrink while positively impacting profits.

#shelflife #foodpackaging #onthegofood #foodmanufacturing

BIG appetites need a BIG solution.

We took our top three #DeliExpress #XXL sandwiches (XXL Char-Broil with Cheese, XXL Chicken with Cheese & XXL BBQ Rib) and made them warmer-ready. ...

We’re shipping the NEW XXL paper wrap items now. Find more details here:

The progress just keeps coming!

The latest timelapse update of the construction of our new production facility in #GreenwoodCounty #SouthCarolina is here!

Have questions about ...#EASween or our brands? Comment below.

Every day, E.A. Sween Company proudly delivers fresh products to over 2,000 7-Eleven locations in 7 states. Our 29-year partnership began in 1994 with the launch of the first U.S. CDC in Austin, TX. ...

Happy #7ElevenDay, partners! Our Final Mile Solutions division is honored to continue our partnership and looks forward to continued growth with an industry leader focused on excellence.



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