Production and packaging flexibility to meet consumer needs and keep shelves safely stocked

E.A. Sween’s two sandwich production facilities produce more than 80 million refrigerated sandwiches a year. Through high-speed automation and dedicated production line teams, we optimize the right people and robot mix to consistently keep your stores or warehouse locations full.

Workers assembling deli sandwiches

Cross-trained staff

Our production staff is thoroughly cross-trained and receives ongoing safety training. In addition, we’ve developed rigorous quality standards and plans that don’t slow us down, which means you can count on high-quality individually wrapped sandwich products every time.

LEAN Manufacturing

By using LEAN manufacturing principles and working with supplier partners to optimize equipment, E.A. Sween Company improves capacity and throughput. As the industry changes, we change too so our customers can supply regional and national demand needs.

Lean manufacturing image

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

E.A. Sween uses a M.A.P. packaging process, to remove as much oxygen as possible from the packaging which in turn extends the shelf life. Once thawed, our products have up to 30 days’ shelf life which means less shrinkage or spoilage—and higher profits for you.

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