Providing prepared

sandwiches has never been easier!

Eating Market Sandwich sandwich

Market Sandwich offers you high-quality, great-tasting products with a fresh-made look. Our sandwich brands complement supermarket grab & go with great flavors and brands people can trust.

Increase Sales

Customer-specific data reports a sales increase of 28-35% when premade is added to the assortment.

Ensure Customer Confidence and Satisfaction

✓ High-quality, individually wrapped sandwiches that allow consumers to feel confident they’re making a safe and delicious choice.

✓ Fresh, just-made appeal at shelf.

Improve Margins

✓ Sandwiches with extended shelf  life minimize shrink (customer-specific data reports average shrink of less than  10%).

Reduce Labor

✓ Products are fully finished and ready to merchandise.

✓ Reallocate sandwich prep labor to higher-turn/
higher-margin programs.

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