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Nimble, responsive innovation drives success

From new breakfast and lunch sandwiches to consumer-centric research to advancements in modified atmosphere packaging to product date coding, E.A. Sween has continued developing innovations over 65 years that have transformed the industry and provided tremendous top-line growth for our customers.

Supply chains and production

Continuous innovation in supply chains and production is driving efficiency in this sandwich manufacturing company. Our focus is to automate repetitive, less value-added processes so we can deploy our staff to the most valuable work. Savings we incur through automation help offset expense increases in other areas to keep total costs as low as possible.

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Distribution innovation continues as E.A. Sween Company tackles the final mile for our customers. Delivering fresh product is hard, and waste can be hard. We work diligently to develop solutions that enable us to manage the delivery of fresh products for major convenience, grocery and drugstore customers, ultimately dropping their waste in half.

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